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satellites, and other things that fall out of the sky…watch it!

update to Nikon 5000 R.I.P.


well, it looks like the fine folks at Nikon USA are going to do a good will repair on my

Coolpix 5000.

Seems the CCD is defective, so hope to soon have my little buddy back in action making pix of the sky and stuff.

Can’t wait!

Image above is one of the last shots I made before returning the camera.  I kinda like the photo, but it just isn’t any good for doing any”real” imaging.  I mean we can’t have the Moon looking like it’s in big time cahootz with Jupiter now can we?

Comet Lulin February 28

Comet Lulin Feb. 28

Not much more to say except I wish comets like this one came around more often.

It’s high, and very photogenic.  Just what the space doctor ordered!  Above image was made February 28. with a Nikon D70 on a 4 inch refractor.  Six minute un-guided exposure.

ISO 400

dark frame subtracted-plus some tweaks in PS.  There’s a tiny galaxy in the tail of the comet.