Looking up

tips for finding something cool in your night sky

Carbon Star V Aql

Carbon Stars are my favorites to observe and V Aql is my most favorite red star in the entire night sky.
Here’s a quick and dirty image of it I made last night while doing a variable star estimate ( magnitude 7).

It’s the red speck just above and left of center. See if you can pick it out.
Better yet, get a star chart and look at it in person. It is currently a deep burnished red that is simply stunning to look at.
Go ahead, go look! You know you want to.

V Aql

Spam be gone…

I just added a plugin to help me deep-6 the spam I’ve been getting. I’m going to try it for a few days and if it works as promised, I’ll turn comments back on.
In the meantime, enjoy your 4th, be safe and happy Trails!

Pinhole Supermoon

Super moon pinhole 6 hours

We had a Supermoon last month and I recorded it with a pinhole camera.
This photo is a 6 hours long pinhole image made with a Holga Wide pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 speed film.

A year long solargraph

Here’s a year long solargraph made with a pinhole camera.
I left a camera out in the “wild” and luckily, no one or nothing bothered it for a year! I was a bit surprised to find the camera intact when I went to retrieve it.
The final result kind of reminds me of a Rotko painting….


GNTO year 12_13 south view