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Ruins at the Fort

This is a 20 minute exposure made with an old Nikon FG and a 2.8, 28mm lens set to F/4.
Kodak 200 speed color film that shifted quite a bit.
Kodak didn’t make this film for long exposure use, so I’m pretty happy it came out at all.
Venus is the brighter streak inside the ruins on the right, and a satellite can be seen inside the ruins on the left. It’s different than the star trails so it stands out.
Intermittent traffic on the country road illuminated the ruins, but not evenly…but that is okay!

Ruins at the Fort

40 years!


I remember watching it on our black and white console TV.

I remember seeing Cronkite wipe his eye.

I was moved then, and still am. Seeing the skinny crescent Moon this morning made me smile, but then it always does.

Happy Anniversary!

btw-  My Nikon 5000 came back all spiffy from the serivce center Friday.  They replaced the CCD and gave the camera and lens a good cleaning and adjusting.  The image above was made with it, so I’m back in business making afocal images with it.  Thanks Nikon!

Clouds were passing through while I made the image so it’s a little mushy and I converted it to black and white just because it’s appropriate for the day.

R.I.P. Nikon 5000


after quite a few years of trusty service, my Nikon 5000 has decided to not work any more!

Well, not work correctly I should say.

This is an image I made of the Moon tonight, and as you can see it’s looks as if I have made some sci-fi experiment with it and Jupiter…or something.

Sadly this is the camera that I have hand held up to the eyepiece for years, and I’m going to be lost without it.

Any ideas what causes the rainbow streaks? I should also mention that while the camera is on, the monitor shows the view as being streaky with dark bands across it.

Do I repair the camera, or just get a new one?  Help me Obi-Wans…..