an exciting new observing list

I’m a big fan of observing lists and exploring the sky type projects, and the Astronomical League has 40 lists to help you learn the sky and be a better observer.

I was thrilled to see “Observing Stellar Evolution”  added to the list of lists.  It’s exciting and probably one of the best thought out observing programs in the entire league.

I have other favorites of course, but “Stellar Evolution” looks like a lot of fun and I’ll be tackling it as soon as the moon moves out of the sky and I can see stars again!  It’s an assortment of Main Sequence Stars, Young Open Clusters. Low Mass Stars, Red Giant Stars, Carbon Stars, Planetary Nebulae, White Dwarfs, High Mass Main Sequence Stars, Red Supergiant Stars, Supernova Remnants, Variable Stars and Stellar Nurseries.

There’s something for everyone and it’s arranged in a logical sequence so you learn how stars form, evolve and then die in an easy to observe sequence.

It’s gets extra fun points from me because there are NO galaxies on the list.  ( Don’t send me any hate mail, but galaxies just don’t butter my bread.  I like bright things that sparkle!  And this list is full of sparkle.)

Extra extra points because you don’t have to draw anything, just a brief description will do the trick for logging your observations.  I love to draw, maybe I even like to draw too much, but some of my observing pals don’t care for drawing, they just like to look and get all tingly inside.

Plus more points because most of the targets are bright!  There are only a handful of targets on this list that are dim.  This means you can complete most of the items with binoculars!  Yippee for binoculars!

I love this list!

You can find the list at