back home!


It’s been a very long time (15 years actually) since I’ve had this telescope in my possession.

The short version of the story is, I built and gave this scope to my Dad at TSP back in 1998, with the idea that whenever he decided it was too big for him to use, it would come back to me.

Dad still has and uses an 80mm refractor I gave him, but this 10 inch lunker was too much for him to lug around, so I picked it up this past December and brought it home. It had been living in my sister’s garage with about 20 pinball machines, so I think the poor telescope was ready for some peace and quiet!  I know it’s ready for some dark sky, since there was no dark near my sister’s house just outside of the Houston city limits.

It needs some cleaning, a bit of deep cleaning in places, but for the most part is still in good shape.  The full thickness mirror is a 10 inch f/5

1/18th wave beauty that needs a washing, which it will get this weekend!  Maybe it’s time to re-do my Herschels?  (Not gonna happen!)  But I will put it through its paces very soon and look at some Carbon Stars and  a comet here and there!   BTW- that paint job is a free hand one I did of the NAZCA lines.  I may re-do it, or not.  Stay tuned.