Made with the homemade 4 x 5 pinhole camera on Ilford FP4 sheet film.

Exposure was about 8 seconds.

These cut-throat trout “splash” around at the Santa Fe Convention Center plaza.

Here’s a couple of photos of the homebuilt camera.  It took 3 afternoons working on it, and it’s made of scraps from the wood shed- so I think it turned out pretty cool.

I hand drilled the pinhole in brass shim stock.  It works out to f/256.



A new month, and a new pinhole

limonata-pinhole.jpgmy lastest pinhole creation is just a modified Holga with a pinhole drilled in a cut out piece of aluminum from a Limonata can

I like the wide view of this one and the funky rainbow colors near the bottom of the image.

This interior shot was 2 minutes long on Kodak Ektar that I developed myself.