good morning Venus

Venus has moved to morning “star” status.  No, Venus is not a star, but lots of people refer to it as such when they see it all bright and shiny in the morning….same for the evening too, but that’s all past.  Confusing isn’t it?  Nah.

Just start looking in the east before sunup for Venus.  I’m sure she’ll show up soon.

The Transit


Yeah, you know the one….

It was great and we watched it from the Sandstone Bluffs Overlook out by Grants, New Mexico.

I was like having a front row balcony seat high on the cliff looking west and watching the Sun.

Good show!

Lumix GF 1 held up to a Lunt Solar scope.

Venus is scary close to the Sun

I can’t show you a photo because Venus is so close to the Sun, all the camera sees is glare.

However, I could see the thin crescent this morning at 9:47 a.m. local mountain time.

It’s incredible!

Venus’ location at the time was   RA 5h 4m 15.2s   Dec 23  32′ 24″

The Sun’s location was                 RA  4h 48m 15s    Dec 22  24′ 44″

Doing longhand math that makes Venus   16m .2s in RA and 1  7′ 40″ in Dec away from the Sun

Whew!  Come on Tuesday!