the Observatory is Painted


We painted the observatory.
We sanded off the oxidation and then painted on about 5 coats of an elastomeric, high titanium oxide roof paint.  We just got the dome back on Wednesday and the only thing left is to put the dome to building gasket back on–but we’re going to give the paint one more day to cure first.
We also made a new door gasket to try to stop the rain from getting in.  We used pipe insulation.  It fits well, but I’m not sure if it is going to be tough enough.  If it falls apart quickly, we’ll find something else.  If it lasts a 6 months, then we’ll just replace it as necessary ($2 each time …).
Right now, it is sunny and 85 degrees outside, 84 in the observatory. Before we painted it, it would have been over 100 by now!  SUCCESS