Skinny Venus


Next week Venus will make a rare journey across the face of the Sun.

Right now it’s a very slender crescent.  Look now while the looking is good!

Smoky Sunset


Another day of smoky sky…it encroached a bit further today.

This is the view west from my front deck.  The firefighters down south are waiting for a break in the winds before they tackle it with water bombers.

Smoky Sunrise


Sunrise this morning had a smoky veil surrounding it.  There are several fires around New Mexico, one large out of control wildfire is in the Gila, and another one just 20 miles south of our house in the Manzano Mountains.  It’s going to be a rough summer!

Ring of Fire


A quick snap I made during the Annular Eclipse.

I was too busy watching it visually to make many photos, but did grab this one by holding the camera up to the eyepiece.