Texas Star Party looking south


This is a film photo done with a Nikon F2 and a 50mm lens at F/4 mounted on a Losmandy G8 for tracking.

It’s a 20 minute shot on Kodak Gold 400 speed print film.

You can see the blur of the trees (due to tracking- not wind), and Omega Centauri is the bright blob of light centered near the bottom of the frame.

The red glow is from ambient light from the field.  You don’t think it’s much until you see it during a long exposure.

“comet” Lichen


you’ve heard of art imitating nature, but how about nature imitating nature….

Is it just me, or does this lichen look like a comet?

Well, if so, then I’ve discovered Comet Lichen….it was laying out in my yard.