natures pinholes


While out looking for interesting frost patterns to photograph this morning, I noticed a bunch of projected pinhole Suns on the observatory.

The famous photographer Minor White said it best, “When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously.”

another day


another day another pinhole….

This photo was made with a homemade 4 x 5 pinhole camera that is quite a bit shallower than the previous one.

This box is only 1.5 inches deep, and was sitting at the same exact spot as yesterday’s pinhole camera.

Yesterday’s box was 3 inches deep.

I like the wide open view of this box, and the wicked vignetting at the corners.  To me, this is what I think of when I think of pinhole photos…how about you?

Today’s exposure was only 3 second long.  Same film, same processing as yesterday.

looking at planets in the daytime…


today was a very nice-Venus in the daytime blue sky kind of day- so we opened up the observatory and looked at Mercury and Venus.

Mercury was a fine little crescent and was uber cool to look at.  Venus was an orb, and not so interesting.

Pinhole photo of the observatory.  Made with a 4 x5  pinhole camera, Ilford FP4 film, 6 second exposure.

Hand developed in Arista chems for 7 minutes…just in case you were wondering.

just swim


Thanksgiving week is upon us and it always seems to me that the rest of the year gets sucked into a black hole after Thanksgiving.

Before you know it Christmas will be here and then the year will end and we start anew….

I’m posting this photo just because I think it’s kinda cool, and hopefully it will make you smile and take some of the hectic out of your life, if just for a moment.

Holga photo with expired Kodak Portra