Pinhole sun


I’ve been dinking with a homemade matchbox pinhole camera aimed at the Sun.

I wasted a whole roll of 35mm film to get this shot just figuring out exposures and spacing.  The matchbox is loads of fun and it didn’t cost anything to make so I’ll probably waste another roll soon.  If anything good turns out I’ll post it here.



Finally, we were greeted with some rain this afternoon.

Not much, just a little over a 1/4 inch fell, but considering we’ve only had 1.78 inches this year, we’ll take whatever we can get!

The small puddle in the driveway is posted above for evidence!

I hope the folks in Los Alamos got some of this– it sure would help the firefighters!

Tonight’s Moon through a loaner scope!


What a blast!

Tonight’s Moon as photographed through the 6 inch Starblast!

The Starblast is a loaner scope in TAAS’s  (The Albuquerque Astronomical Society) loaner-scope program.

If you’re a member of TAAS, then you could check the Starblast out or any of the other amazing loaner scopes available!

Photo was made by hand holding a Lumix GF-1 up to the eyepiece, which was a 25mm stacked on a barlow.

Lumix GF-1 on manual   ISO 400

F/4   1/60 seconds

Levels and contrast and changed to gray-scale were the only tweaks in Photoshop.

Whatcha think?