here comes the Sun


the Sun as seen today at lunchtime….

the photo is not great (there were clouds passing by)but you can see prominences flying off the limb….they are all around!

And look at that huge filament down at the lower left on the surface (adjusted in PS so you can see it)….whew!  It looks like the Sun has a rip in it.

the Starmeter


As you’d probably guess, I collect all things “starry”.

And in my collection of “starry” things is this cute and cool little camera called a “Brownie Starmeter”.

It was made by Kodak back in the 60’s and uses 127 roll film, which is still made.  I haven’t run any film through this little guy yet, but hope to soon and am hoping I can make some type of astrophoto with it. The shutter speed is set, and the aperture range is not great so I’ll need to carefully plan my photo.  Oh, and the 127 film size is only available in B&W, so I need to be real creative.