Full June Moon


Watching the Moon this month has been very interesting.  Because of smoke from the fires in Arizona, the Moon has been exceptionally yellow.

Full Moon

Nikon D70 on six inch telescope

ISO 200   1/60 second

the smokey Moon returns


the wind shifted back from the southwest again, so the sky is filled with smoke from Arizona again.  I can only imagine how bad it is there since the sky here is orange.

Tonight’s Moon is back to being the funky yellow-orange color it was last week when the smoke first filled the sky.

Nikon D70 through a six inch telescope.  ISO 200 1/60 second exposure.

finally a not so smokey night


I’ve been rather busy working on the Lunar II Astronomical League certificate.

In order to earn the certificate, you have to complete 100 observations with included sketches and images of various lunar features…

Tonight I made several images of the Moon.  This is one of them.   Nikon D70 ISO 200

1/250 second through a six inch scope.

Smokey Sun


smoke from fires in Arizona made the Sun look pretty weird around Albuquerque today.

This image is unfiltered.  Normally you need a solar filter to view the Sun like this.  You can even see sunspots!