Endeavour docked with the ISS


Endeavour zooms across the morning sky.  Just above the streak left behind by the docked pair is Cygnus.

There was a spacewalk going on at the time.  This is Endeavour’s last mission before retirement.

btw- the weird streak left behind by the pair was smooth, it’s a bit jagged above due to a compression issue with the host of this blog.

Click the thumbnail to go to the larger image and it smooths out a bit.

Nikon D70 on tripod

104 seconds

ISO 400  F/4

Mars Globes


Hand drawn each year by Percival Lowell….I was thrilled to be able to see these little globes up close.  They are normally kept behind glass at the museum, but since we were celebrating Astronomy Day, they were brought out for a brief show.

My other thrill of the evening was viewing Saturn through the Alvan Clark refractor.  Talk about getting an astronomy “buzz”.

I was also honored to be the invited guest speaker so had a great time visiting and talking with the club and the public.

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona