some more pix of the observatory floor…

We pulled the plug away from the center bolts where the pier mount will go.


This part is not attached to the surrounding floor so no vibrations should be interfering with the telescope when we make photos.

This is an important feature and one that many amateur astronomers battle with when they have an observatory.

Here’s what the floor looks like with the forms pulled away.  We started at 7 a.m. and wrapped this phase up around 2 PM .  It was a busy morning!

This doesn’t look that big in this photo, but it’s  9’9″ in diameter!  We’ll move the observatory on top of it in a few weeks, drill some holes to fasten it to the floor, install a pier, a telescope and then I’m spending my summer out here!!!!!


David pushes some flashing around the center that will eventually come out.  It’s just a cover for the pier mount.  I’ll post pix of it later this week after the cement cures a few days so you can see the mounting base!


David, up to his boot tops in concrete.  Where he’s walking is about 12-14 inches deep.  The outer edge is about three foot deep.

You DON’T want to step there!


The Big Pour!


After waiting for six months, we made the final pour today for the observatory!  Weather, freezing temps, and snow delayed our dream from happening last year, but today was a perfect day for pouring so we did!  Our ace concrete dude, David was a magician.  This guy really knew his stuff and didn’t spill a drop of concrete.

Check out those nice forms!  Shane & I spent most of Sunday re-building and leveling them.   We had to rebuild part of them because they warped under this past Winter’s snow load!

Our original pour date was before Thanksgiving last year but the weather skunked us big time!