24 inch Alvan Clark Refractor


This is the looking in end of the 24 inch Alvan Clark Refractor.  I had the extreme thrill of looking through this historic telescope during a recent trip to visit my friend Brian Skiff of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona over the holidays.  Brian gave me a look through this behemoth of a scope and I must say I had chills…. and not because it was freezing outside and ice covered the walkways, but simply because of all the history of the prestigious astronomers who have shared this fine instrument before me.

I could blabber on for hours about it, and mention how simply stunning M37 looked in the night sky,  and how the wooden floor and exposed rafters made me wish to be able to stay there all night and consume the heavens, but I’ll simply close and say if you ever get a chance to view through the Clark, it’s a must!

Now you can have your red LED flashlight and eat it too….

Seriously sweet.
Check this out....
I was idling my time away in my local grocer's check out lane looking at
the insanely massive candy display when this caught my eye.

click here

Laser Pop.
The Cherry Blast flavor has the above image as a red LED image it projects!
For a mere $1.69 you can have your red LED flashlight and eat it too.

website shows a full display but doesn't mention the smiley star face for
the Cherry flavor.

I bought a couple of course.

Looks like it's reusable since there are two screws holdingit together.
The uber obnoxious cherry blast candy pop is inside the tube.

Probably takes those button batteries of some sort.