ISS and Discovery after undocking


The duo undocked today and made a very nice pass through the Big Dipper tonight.  I never tire of watching the ISS and the shuttle play chase in the sky.

Sky glow from Albuquerque made the sky a funky orange…..

Discovery left the fainter streak that you can barely see in front of the brighter one left by the ISS.

Six Months tracking the Sun


Sunny for days, cloudy for weeks…..


Sunny for days, cloudy for weeks….


This six month Solargraph from Anderson Mesa says it all.

Placed in collaboration with Brian Skiff of Lowell Observatory from Winter Solstice 2008 to Summer Solstice 2009.

Discovery and the ISS fly over the Full Moon


They don’t literally fly over the Moon.

Here we see the Moon in Aquarius, and Discovery docked with the international space station flying through Pisces and Cetus.

The sky had thin clouds again this morning so the arc left behind by the shuttle and station are somewhat fuzzy.

40 second Nikon D70 on tripod

ISO 200


ISS and Discovery fly past Capella and Mars


Early morning clouds made the Discovery docked with ISS pass somewhat blotchy this morning, but it was still a stunner to behold.  I never tire of watching and this pass had the duo flying above Capella, the bright star in the upper left, and then near Mars, the reddish spot toward the lower right of the frame.

I also watched Jupiter last night.  It looked lonely without its bright moons.

UFO’s in my driveway


Unidentified Falling Objects falling in my driveway?

It’s raindrops.  A rare sight lately.  Hopefully the rain will pass
and the clouds will clear for the moonless Jupiter event Wednesday

Jupiter won’t be moonless again until 2019,  so get your scopes ready.

If you look closely in the image above, you can see some suspended droplets after they bounced back up once they hit the puddle.  Not sure I’ve ever captured that before.

Nikon D70 with 180 lens.