Double dip rainbow


After so many days of dry, we finally got some of the wet stuff.

At 6:30 this morning the humidity was up to 86% and the sky was painted with this funky peachy-red hued rainbow….thought I woke up on Mars it was so golden red outside.

Dig it, uh oh dig it!


Shane of the desert digs….

He’s got about another foot to dig and we are ready to put the sono-tube in the hole for the concrete pour.

Good diggin weather.  79 degrees with humidity hanging around 30%

The pour is scheduled for next Friday….anyone want to come help?

Digging is a slow business…but progress is being made


Here sits the sono-tube that will eventually serve as the form for the concrete that will support the telescope pier.

This piece of “cardboard” tubing is three feet in diameter, and will be  sunk in the hole and then filled with re-bar and concrete.  That’s one hefty support!

It’s required if you want to make astro-images that have no jiggles, streaks, or blobs in them.

Currently the hole is about a foot deep….. just three more to go.

The direction we are looking in this photo is toward the southeast.  Scorpius clears this part of the sky all the way down to the area below the “False Comet”.  We can also see Omega Centauri from this spot for about 20 minutes when it is up.  It’s a wonderful view!



Turning some dirt for the 4 foot deep hole for the pier that will sit in the new observatory!

I’m grinning so hard I have a headache!

Scroll down a few entries to see the building, which we moved here this past weekend.  Some diggin, some pourin’ some assembly required….

Stay tuned for updates.  Hope to have first light before the end of September!

The observing deck in the background is the one we built 4th of July weekend several years ago, so it’s time for an upgrade–that pier will stay as is.