Gotta love Cart away concrete!!!


I don’t think we could have mixed 45 of the big 80 pound bags of quikrete to pour in the hole for the pier mount…

so we went with the haul away concrete and it worked really well.

Our friend and fellow astro buddy Gordon helped us, which made the job a lot easier even though we were running around like three year olds on too much sugar for a while.

The concrete had the consistency of pancake

batter (with rocks) or a “slump” of about 5.  It was veeeery nice!

After the Pour


After a hurry, hurry, hurry, and then waiting for the concrete to dry…this is what we wanted this part of the observatory that holds the pier to look like.

There’s a little over a yard of concrete in the sonotube with some wire some re-bar and a few drops of sweat.

The next step is to build forms for the surrounding slab that will support the observatory walls.   More to come………………….

Freckled Jupiter


Last night Jupiter was a bit freckle-faced.

It was a nice evening for sketching and I thought I felt Galileo looking over my shoulder.

3″ inch refractor with 8mm eyepiece

0.7mm Pentel P207 mechanical pencil w/HB polymer lead

Strathmore sketchbook