Globalstar M023


This is Globalstar M023 and not the wreckage of Iridium #33 like I wondered earlier.
The flash intervals were five seconds apart, and the bowl of the Big Dipper can be seen in the upper left of the image.  It was graciously ID’d by one of the satellite guys.  Thanks!

D70 on tripod

ISO 400


60 seconds

40 years ago…..


It’s hard not to know that 40 years ago we walked on the Moon.

Above is an older Moon photo I did about eight years ago with a crappy plastic Holga camera held up to the eyepiece of my 3 inch refractor.

It’s a film shot that I keep stowed in a small scrapbook, and one of my favorite Moon pictures even though it’s not that good.  Probably because it truly reminds me of that era, before digital stole our souls and when we were daring explorers in space.  We are still daring, just daring with more red tape stuck to us.

Happy Anniversary Apollo 11!

A comet, a satellite and two planets oh my!

It was a busy morning!


Wanting to catch a shot of Neptune near Jupiter- I got up early hoping to get lucky!

And man did I get lucky.  Not only did the clouds make holes large enough for me to capture Jupiter and Neptune, I also  snagged Comet 22/P Kopff.

And as a bonus ADEOS (Advanced Earth Observing Satellite) left a streak on my image.

Jupiter is the bright blob at the lower bottom of the frame.  Neptune is a faint speck of greenish light just above and right of Jupiter.

Comet 22/P Kopff is the turquoise smeared speck at the upper left of the frame while ADEOS is the diagonal  streak on the right.  Lucky!

Nikon D70 on Losmandy G8

2 minutes   ISO 400

f/ 4.5

4:24 a.m. local mountain time

update to Nikon 5000 R.I.P.


well, it looks like the fine folks at Nikon USA are going to do a good will repair on my

Coolpix 5000.

Seems the CCD is defective, so hope to soon have my little buddy back in action making pix of the sky and stuff.

Can’t wait!

Image above is one of the last shots I made before returning the camera.  I kinda like the photo, but it just isn’t any good for doing any”real” imaging.  I mean we can’t have the Moon looking like it’s in big time cahootz with Jupiter now can we?

thank goodness we live in a galaxy


this was my view south Saturday night-aimed toward the center of our galaxy.   The dark matter at the bottom of the frame is a tree in the yard, so don’t worry about that!

I saw the wreckage of Iridium #33 again, flashing brightly, but of course didn’t have the camera set up yet….

oh well, one day soon I hope to catch it.

Nikon D70 on Losmandy G8

ISO 400