no aps…


Seriously, this was not an ap.  If it were, I’d call it “green cheese”

It’s just a quick shot of the Moon Sunday evening, through clouds with the Galileoscope.

The Galileoscope is shown in the post below.  It’s a 50mm f/10 refractor parked on a camera tripod.

Image made with Nikon 5000,  1/125 second hand held up to the scope

ISO 200   F 4.8

levels tweaked just a scant bit-but the color I left alone so it would be funky just like it came out of the scope and camera.  Wonder what Galileo would think of this?

Endeavour docked to ISS


Finally!  The clouds parted just enough to watch tonight’s Endeavour docked to ISS pass.

Vega is the bright star in Lyra at the upper right of the frame.

When I zoomed in on this and gamma’d it quite a bit I could see the Ring Nebula in this image!  That’s kinda crazy cool!

Cygnus is in the lower middle of the frame.  The ISS/Endeavour passed just below Deneb, the brightest star just above the streak.

Nikon D70 on tripod

ISO 400   f/4

63 seconds

40 years!


I remember watching it on our black and white console TV.

I remember seeing Cronkite wipe his eye.

I was moved then, and still am. Seeing the skinny crescent Moon this morning made me smile, but then it always does.

Happy Anniversary!

btw-  My Nikon 5000 came back all spiffy from the serivce center Friday.  They replaced the CCD and gave the camera and lens a good cleaning and adjusting.  The image above was made with it, so I’m back in business making afocal images with it.  Thanks Nikon!

Clouds were passing through while I made the image so it’s a little mushy and I converted it to black and white just because it’s appropriate for the day.

Rush Hour


Talk about morning rush hour!  Imagine the Sun beeping it’s horn in order to make it through this morning’s traffic jam?

Well of course the Sun isn’t driving a car, but you get the picture.

Venus is the brighter speck just above the tree line, Taurus is the sideways-V-shaped group of stars, Mars is just below and right of the lunar blob, while the Pleiades are at Luna’s upper right.

Sunday morning the Moon will be below Venus so rise and shine!

Nikon D70 on tripod

ISO 200

13 seconds f/4

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