Warping along….


While trying in vain to see the wreckage of Iridium #33 tonight, I made this image in hopes of capturing a flash of the injured satellite-but it was not to be.

You can see the Big Dipper on the left edge of the frame.  The bowl is upside down.  The Little Dipper is toward the right of the sucker hole in the clouds…..

I think this image looks like you’re zooming through clouds at warp speed.  Nikon D70 on tripod

Monsoon Season Monster Rainbow


The monsoon season has arrived and with it come monster rainbows!

In a previous post I mentioned that rainbows in the Land of Enchantment are technicolor, and they truly are amazing to behold.  This one was from this morning.

The sky had a peachy-golden glow and the rainbow…well it kinda speaks for itself.

Nikon D70 on tripod

R.I.P. Nikon 5000


after quite a few years of trusty service, my Nikon 5000 has decided to not work any more!

Well, not work correctly I should say.

This is an image I made of the Moon tonight, and as you can see it’s looks as if I have made some sci-fi experiment with it and Jupiter…or something.

Sadly this is the camera that I have hand held up to the eyepiece for years, and I’m going to be lost without it.

Any ideas what causes the rainbow streaks? I should also mention that while the camera is on, the monitor shows the view as being streaky with dark bands across it.

Do I repair the camera, or just get a new one?  Help me Obi-Wans…..

My view west


I’m not sure why I’m not blind by now.  Everyday I watch the Sun, (when it’s out) and watch it to the point of seeing green blobs when I look away, which can’t be good long term!!!

Last evening the Sun sat gracefully among scattering clouds after the rain and left this behind…..

It reminded me of swirly cloud layers on Jupiter….I’m pretty sure our clouds smell better!

The Longest Day


Hope everyone had a happy Solstice.  Here’s what mine looked like…

my homemade pinhole camera aimed straight up through some tree branches captured this track of the Sun on Solstice.