Research Balloon

Research Balloon

Such a cool thing to see this afternoon.

Not the greatest image since I was hand holding the little Samsung Digimax L85 digital up to the eyepiece of the scope, plus just being excited about seeing this….



Since I’m hosting an astrophotography “Boot Camp” in a few weeks I thought I’d post an image that we will try to avoid making!

This is an ISS pass from 5:44 AM May 8.

As you can see there’s a LOT of schmutz in the image because it was approaching daylight and the sky was very bright.  There’s also no context or point of scale in the image.  I usually like to have an identifiable star field or nice landscape in the foreground to make it more interesting.  Too much daylight made this impossible.

Visually the pass was great!  The ISS flared for a few seconds as it neared zenith.

1 second @ ISO 200  F/16

Auto levels applied in Photoshop allowed this quick and very dirty image.

Looks like my sensor needs a cleaning too.
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Star Trails and a tractor at TSP

Tractor trails

A short 30 minute star trail shot over the tractor that greets everyone at the Prude Ranch,

home of the Texas Star Party.  I fell in the ditch behind the tractor here one night trying to line up the shot,

and deer kept trying to run me over too.

There were a lot of deer on the ranch at night on the lower field.