ISS pass part deux


This is another shot from the pass I wrote about below.

The reflectivity of the patchy cloud cover made the ISS put on quite a flare show!   This shot was made when the ISS was almost directly overhead.

Got Rain?

rain is good

Get a rainbow!

I know I gripe about the rain and clouds spoiling astronomy, but there is an upside to having just the right amount of water droplets in the sky….

Of course ol’ Mr. Sun plays a hand in this beauty!

Rainbows here are spectacular.  I don’t know what they feed them out here, but they literally light up and saturate the sky just like this.

Image made   May 27, 2009

Luna see

Luna see

After what seems like 40 days and 40 nights of rain….

well it wasn’t THAT bad, but a long New Moon weekend just went to waste as far as taking pix goes…..

I’m making the most of it and taking photos of the moon through clouds!

Hopefully the hole in the clouds I’m shooting through will hang around long enough for me to get a shot at Earthshine.

Virga………..not the Moon with Venus and Mars


Often, the weather doesn’t cooperate with my plans to view astronomical coolness in the sky.

Such was the case this morning.  Clouds befuddled my attempt at seeing the Moon in a nice triangle with Venus and Mars.

The weekend wx doesn’t look too good either.

I’ll be watching Atlantis land tomorrow?

But- weather may delay landing and there’s a possiblity that Atlantis will need to land at Edwards. 

If she does land at Edwards, I think my friend “Triple” Nickel will be ferrying her home to Florida, and that’s pretty darn cool!

Go “Trip” !