Whirlpool Galaxy from Italy

Whirlpool M51

This is one of the images I made last week while using the remote control telescope in Italy during my 100 hours of astronomy.  (Scroll down to the post titled “Backseat Driving” for complete details on that experience.)

This image was two minutes, with no dark frame subtracted.  It’s rough, but considering I was sitting in my living room dinking with a telescope in Italy to make this- I think it’s pretty darn cool!

Jupiter in Pastels


When I get fidgety, I usually doodle or scribble or pick up my set of pastels and make wild marks on paper…..

Often the works of “art” resemble astronomical subjects like the Great Red Spot of Jupiter above, which is logical since I spend the better part of my waking and dreaming hours consumed with things in space.

My latest creative buzz is above.  Whatcha think?