Sir Patrick Moore, Ceres, and me


Earlier this week I was contacted by the producers of the BBC program
“The Sky at Night” hosted by Sir Patrick Moore.

They were interested in using some of my images of the asteroid Ceres
for their upcoming show “Close Encounters” which will air at
12.40am (BST) on Monday 4th May (so late Sunday night) on BBC1, and
7.00pm on Monday 4th May on BBC4.

The BBC4 version is slightly longer and  is probably the best one to
catch–this is according to the producer I have been talking to.

Here are the links for the shows. My images are in the show  (it’s been confirmed by the producer)  so figured I’d give you all a heads up just
in case you want to watch it.



The kicker is, I think only residents of the UK can watch so if you are in the UK, please watch and let me know how it looks!

It’s not apparent to me how we in the USA can see the program so I’ve posted a couple of the images here for you to ponder.

The top image was made April 28 and the bottom one was made 24 hours later.  Ceres is in the upper right side of the frames and obviously moves.

The bright star on the left about midway down from the top is Algieba, (Gamma Leonis).