Dr. Halton Arp

Schneider Museum of Art

I’ve been honored with having a  Holga portrait I made of Dr. Halton Arp hanging proudly with some Hubble Space Telescope photos in the Schneider Museum of Art at the University of Southern Oregon.

The portrait  of Dr. Arp is at the far end of the room pictured above.   The show opened January 15th, and is quite a looker!  The exhibit is part of the International Year of Astronomy (www.astronomy2009.org), sponsored by the United Nations and the International Astronomical Union.

Omega Centauri

Well, I did something this morning while out looking at Comet Lulin that I promised myself I wouldn’t do.

I peeked at Omega Centauri.  Yup, I’m busted because it’s not far enough into the year for such voyeuristic parlays into space.

Omega is best seen in the early Summer, and better yet from a place more southerly located than New Mexico…..  I really get enamored with it each year at TSP

but I fell off the wagon and peeked at it from my yard this morning.  Now I’m afraid I’m pining away for warmer climes and a trip south.

Dang it.    The Texas Star Party is in April this year, so at least I don’t have to wait THAT long to see Omega in prime sky.

Yeah, right….  I must concentrate on comets and forget about that darn globular cluster of stars.

Moon occults Antares


Early Wednesday morning the Moon will occult Antares……but you’ll only see the Moon cover up the star marking the heart of Scorpius if you happen to be in central South America, the South Atlantic Ocean, or the Eastern Pacific.

But rise early anyway and take a peek at the cozy pair before the Sun comes up Wednesday since it will be a rather close encounter for most of the rest of us in the USA.

Showtime is  13:00 UT..  Translated to local Mountain time in the US is 6 AM.