Wired Magazine…Editor’s Pick for Night Photo

Wired Magazine editor’s picked this image as a favorite!

There are certain milestones a person makes in their life that are pretty cool.

Some are universally cool- like taking your first step, starting first grade, getting a drivers license, getting your first “real” job and buying a house.

Some are personally cool. A few of my own are seeing a Total Solar Eclipse, traveling to Mount Everest, and writing a book and getting an ISBN number.

Sure, it may sound silly, but receiving an ISBN number was a crowning moment for me.

And just this month I reached another milestone…..I made the Editor’s pick list at Wired Magazine for Night Photos.

The image above is the pick.
I’m pretty darn proud of it too since Fort McKavett is a place that gets inside your soul and makes everyone that visits feel like they’ve just discovered a big secret.

I’m still hankering for a Pulitzer…….