Ruins at the Fort

This is a 20 minute exposure made with an old Nikon FG and a 2.8, 28mm lens set to F/4.
Kodak 200 speed color film that shifted quite a bit.
Kodak didn’t make this film for long exposure use, so I’m pretty happy it came out at all.
Venus is the brighter streak inside the ruins on the right, and a satellite can be seen inside the ruins on the left. It’s different than the star trails so it stands out.
Intermittent traffic on the country road illuminated the ruins, but not evenly…but that is okay!

Ruins at the Fort

Carbon Star V Aql

Carbon Stars are my favorites to observe and V Aql is my most favorite red star in the entire night sky.
Here’s a quick and dirty image of it I made last night while doing a variable star estimate ( magnitude 7).

It’s the red speck just above and left of center. See if you can pick it out.
Better yet, get a star chart and look at it in person. It is currently a deep burnished red that is simply stunning to look at.
Go ahead, go look! You know you want to.

V Aql

Spam be gone…

I just added a plugin to help me deep-6 the spam I’ve been getting. I’m going to try it for a few days and if it works as promised, I’ll turn comments back on.
In the meantime, enjoy your 4th, be safe and happy Trails!

Pinhole Supermoon

Super moon pinhole 6 hours

We had a Supermoon last month and I recorded it with a pinhole camera.
This photo is a 6 hours long pinhole image made with a Holga Wide pinhole camera and Kodak Ektar 100 speed film.